We provide our users with the computing, storage and networking needed to develop and run applications and workloads in the cloud. We also offer additional services such as a firewall, private networks and backups.

The documentation pages contain relevant information regarding our products and services. If you have questions that are not covered here, have a look at our FAQ or contact our customer support.

Service details

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UpCloud services

UpCloud provides our users with the computing, storage and networking needed to develop and run applications and workloads in the cloud.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers offer on-demand availability of computer system resources, including data storage and computational capacity without the need to directly manage the server hardware.

Managed Databases

Managed Database is a carefree database-as-a-service for running well-known open-source databases in the cloud. Built on high availability, Managed Databases provide a safe way to store application data.

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes service offers fully managed container orchestration by automating the configuration and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters.

Managed Load Balancer

Managed Load Balancer allows users to create a fixed point of entry for services and applications that is able to distribute incoming connections.


UpCloud offers 3 different types of networks, public internet access over IPv4 and IPv6, user customisable SDN private networks, and the preconfigured private Utility network.


The UpCloud infrastructure-as-a-service is designed around redundancy and high availability, and a core part of it is the separation of computation and storage.

User account

Registering for an UpCloud account gives users access to our services via the UpCloud Control Panel and API. Each user account is identified by a unique user-selected username and password.

Free trial

All new users are given a free trial to evaluate UpCloud services without commitment. The free trial period allows getting familiar with our services and testing cloud server deployment without commitment.


UpCloud provides customer support to assist our users with all of their cloud infrastructure needs. Users who wish to learn more about our products or need assistance with any related services can contact our support for help.


We are continually developing and upgrading our infrastructure and services to improve our offerings and bring new features. The changelog list all major updates and releases over the years.

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