Cleaver-Brooks designs, manufactures and maintains reliable utility-scale boilers for power generation. Our saturated and superheated boilers are ideal for cogeneration applications.

The experts from Cleaver-Brooks will work with you to develop energy-efficient, environmentally friendly boiler room solutions for any industry.


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One Canadian utility wanted its power plant to run solely on a single combustion gas turbine/HRSG system at night. The Cleaver-Brooks custom D-type superheated boiler exceeded contract guarantees on steam capacity and pressure, steam purity, boiler efficiency and emissions requirements.

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Facility optimization begins with a comprehensive review of boiler room equipment with respect to the four cornerstones of Boiler Plant Optimization: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability. Webinar attendees will learn methodologies to uncover opportunities in these areas to achieve operational goals.

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Knowing the features of a good boiler will prevent problems associated with a poor design. Oil- and gas-fired package steam generators (or boilers) are used in chemical plants, power plants, petroleum refineries and in cogeneration plants to generate steam for process and power-generation applications.